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George N. Shilau
George N. Shilau
Republican Clinic Medical Center

Assistant Professor Shilau has completed his PhD at age of 29 years old from Byelorussian State Medical University. He long time work as senior scientific worker in the laboratory of the biochemistry of neurohormones and neurosurgery over mention University and then as leading scientific worker central scientific-investigating laboratory of Byelorussian Medical Postgraduate Academia and neurologist practitioner, and also as MRY diagnostician. Then he worked as deputy Director of the center of Medical Information “EOCEN” and continues his scientific work in close cooperation with Laboratory of free-radical process chemistry of the Research Institute of Physical Chemical Problems of the Belarusian State University. Now he works as MRY diagnostician of the Republican Clinic Medical Center of the Presidential Administration. He has published more than 40 papers in reputed journals. His interests include neuropharmacology (GABA-benzodiazepine and glycine receptors and their interactions), the clinic of epilepsy, parkinsonism and dementia and their treatment, and also MRI spectroscopy data in the above pathology.

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